Our Crops

Our customers have been shopping at Schlechter Farms for over thirty years for our super-sweet yellow and white corn.  Our well-deserved reputation for quality and freshness starts before the sun rises each day of the corn harvest. We pick the corn during the pre-dawn hours when the air is crisp and cool, then rush the wagons from the field to our hydro-cooler.  Nothing like a dip in ice-cold water to lock in the freshness of each and every ear!

The corn is then packed in mesh bags that allow the ears of corn to "breathe" before the bags are sent to our walk-in coolers.  We bring out the freshly-picked bags of corn only as needed to maintain the flavor and sweetness, so you can be sure you're getting your corn as fresh as possible at Schlechter Farms.

At our seasonal produce stand, we also offer a wide variety of vegetables grown right in our own gardens.

We also have a Brooks plum orchard, and offer mouth-watering plums during the third and fourth weeks of August.

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